How to Fix iCloud Not Working on iPhone Issue by Customer Service ?

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Get Best in Class Browsing Experience with Google chrome

Web browser has played a key role in our life. Through this tool we connect with people across the world. The digital revolution has ushered a new form of change in our life. The prime reason behind such rise of the digital media is due to the web browser. One such web browser which has truly change defining the browsing experience “Google Chrome ‘’. Google Chrome Customer service is known for its quality service .

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Google chrome is one of the leading web browsing platforms which allow user to connect with the Internet. Over the course of time, it enhances the user experience by adding many features like bookmarking, extension and currently its one of the top web browser in the world. But user do faces some serious issue regarding how to install the chrome on their computer. But one can take the help of technical support or follow some of these common procedures:

· One must open their web browser any one either firefox, internet explorer or bing .

· Then type into the address bar near the top, or use your preferred search engine to find “Google Chrome ‘’.

· Then apparently a license term window will appear but simply click on the Accept and Install button.

· Once you clicked on the chrome button it will automatically download, install and launch itself.

· If you want to login through the Google account, then one need to sign in chrome by clicking on the three horizontal bar icons on the right hand side . through his one can import the bookmarks as well as browsing history and password. It will help you to protect to save your data and search history.

· Incase if you have a Google account, then one should sign into Chrome by clicking the three horizontal bars icon on the right-hand side and then Sign in to Chrome.

· This will allow you to import the bookmarks as well as browsing history and password .

Suppose in case after following these procedures, if one faces issue regarding installation of chrome then one can directly contact the Google chrome tech support. Their 24*7 tech support team is full of people will make sure that your issue get resolved in immediate time.

How to Fix Adobe Flash Player not Working on Chrome Problems ?

Adobe flash player is a software that is used for providing graphics in your system.You can view images,video and games with the help of Adobe flash player.It provides so much high quality video codec facility to enhance sound.

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Although Adobe flash player provides so much features to user such as high quality graphics, resolution, animation and so on but sometime when you use Adobe flash player not Working on Chrome then it does not work properly due to following issue such as:

  • Adobe flash can lock as it may be out of date.
  • It is not loading plug in.
  • Plug in may be blocked.

To fix this issue you have to follow these steps :-

  • First you have to open your chrome and turn on Adobe flash player in the settings options.
  • Now you have to update the Adobe flash player.
  • You need to ensure that your chrome browser is up to date otherwise you will have to update it.
  • Now you have to install Adobe flash player from Adobe official website.

Now you can easily use Adobe flash player on chrome but still if you are getting any issue then you can contact to Adobe flash player customer support. Adobe provides highly efficient customer representative for resolving your query.They are well qualified and having full knowledge about Adobe product and services.You can call any time on this number.

How to Reset iCloud Password

iCloud password protects the privacy of the data stored in iCloud. iCloud password also protect your ability to remotely erase your device using find my iPhone. To protect your information it is recommended to change your password very frequently.

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If you use the same apple ID for iCloud then changing your iCloud password also changes the password for all the apple services. Once your password has been changed you have to login in all the application using the new password. Reset Password iCloud process is very easy to follow. You need to go through the below mentioned steps to change your password.

  • First of all go to the apple website and login in your account.
  • Now go to the “settings” and click on the “password security”.
  • Now click on “Change password” and follow the onscreen instruction.
  • Enter your “current password” in the respective block.
  • Type your “new password” twice and click on “Save”.

You can also contact to iCloud Customer Support team for help. They will assist you to reset your password through live chat, video conferencing and remote support. You can also take help to resolve queries associated with icloud. They will provide you optimal solution to solve your technical glitches.