How to Solve ‘Plug In Not Charging’ Issue In Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company i.e. a prominent brand famous for designing, developing and manufacturing best personal computers, tablets, smart phones etc. To achieve best speed and performance of your Lenovo laptops and to keep it away from technical issues, prefer Lenovo laptop customer Support number for this.


Although Lenovo laptops are very convenient to use but some time we found battery charging issue, i.e. battery charge stops at 60% charging and display plug in, not charging messages. Battery is unable to be charged full.

Methods to Solve Battery Charging Issue – 

Before getting solution that just keep in your mind that if battery is 95%charge and unable to be 100%, it is not an issue. It happens due to battery charge self-protection feature in it. Method to solve this problem are given as:

To solve this problem please Configure Lenovo energy management or Lenovo settings. Many Lenovo system support power management program, that can extend run time of battery or extend battery life in Lenovo system. Plug in, not charging message indicates directly the sort enabled settings. But to secure battery life it will not charge up to 100% even if the charger is plugged in the electricity.

The above method will surely work but in case it fail and your Lenovo battery is detachable, you can follow the next given solution or can directly reach to Lenovo Laptop Tech Support Phone Number for help.

· First go to Lenovo support website and install latest BIOS then reboot your PC and try again to charge your PC. If you still get the same problem follow the next step.

· Shut your computer down.

· With your battery without plug in press power button for 30 second to start it. It but it should not start this time.

· Now remove your battery and try the same again. If your battery is not detachable, skip this step.

· Now attach your battery if you detached it in previous step and plug in the charger. Try to turn on your computer by pressing power button for 30 seconds. And it will start charging again in proper way.


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