How to Recover Protonmail Password ?

Protonmail provides web based Encrypted mail services . Protonmail is free used by customers if you send or receive messages by Protonmail then your message is store in an Encrypted way. Protonmail is very secure and the Protonmail password is unique.

Protonmail Customer Service

If you have forgotten your Protonmail password and you want Protonmail password recovery then you need to do these steps:

  • First you have to log in to your Protonmail.
  • Then you need to click on the “forgot password”button.
  • When you create Protonmail account then you enter your must enter recovery mail ,prontolmail strongly recommends you to enter recovery mail address.
  • Your recovery mail address should be working address otherwise you will not get any mail.
  • You can also give an alternate mobile number on this number you will get a message or link. regarding Protonmail.
  • After clicking forgot password you will get a link on your recover mail and number and you can open your account by clicking on this link.

You can easily use Protonmail in your desktop computer and laptop as well but some times it is not easy to access every time,so you want to configure Protonmail on your phone. For configuration of Protonmail first you need to go the settings options on your phone and then you have the select mail,contact then you can add your account now you have to fill all your details and Protonmail details.For this you have to type your user name and password.You need to check the SMTP and pop 3 server setting then you have to select the option next ,and your Protonmail will be configured on your phone and you can see your messages at any time.

If you face any problem then Protonmail tech support team provides the assured solution of your technical problem. There are various Google support page of the Protonmail from where you can also get the answer of your query.some Articles ,videos and blogs are uploaded by Protonmail Expert on the Protonmail site for the guidance of user.


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